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Crom Saunders

Review of "Gilgamesh"


Review of "Gilgamesh"- originally posted on


Review: I saw the opening last night, and it was an amazing collaboration. For those who have never seen actors with (supposed ) diabilities it's an eye-pener, and a heart-opener, they are so professional and unique in their characterizations, somehow you forget they have disabilities. What you see is their courage and total dedication. The American Sign Language as performed by Crom Saunders is nothing short of spectacular. What a full and deep characterization, what wit, how moving, as was the relationship between him and his "voice", Joe Brouillette. Finally, the Sacramento Theatre Experiment who picked up the edges as "chorus" and"animals" are always interesting to watch; they bring a visceral and potent presence and artistry to what could have been routine and throw-away parts. And congratulations to James C. Anderson, whose directorial vision pulled all these elements together and took us to a totally other place. Playwright Rick Foster's rendering of the ancient and epic legend is a gem. A unique must see. Go with no expectations and be transported. Rock on!
- Paul Evander