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Crom Saunders

Favorite Links


What do Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, and Michael Myers all have in common? They all wish they were as funny as this man: KEITH WANN!


Keith Wann is the funniest, most original Coda/ASL performer in America! He is NOT to be missed!

Take me to Keith's website!

Peter Cook is an internationally acclaimed ASL poet and storyteller with a facial expression range the size of the Rockies! He does language acrobatics with his hands that most people wouldn't dream were possible!

Lemme see what's Peter Cookin'!

Translate Shakespeare into ASL? Impossible, you say? Well tell that to Peter Novak who put together a team to translate "Twelfth Night" into ASL- a project that took 18 months . . .  resulting in two amazing productions and this spectacular website. Take a looky-see!!

Shakespeare rocks!!

Keith Wann's ASL Comedy Tour has launched with a vengeance! The hottest ASL show around, with a variety of ASL performers with all kinds of stories, skits and stuff to make you laugh non-stop!


What's a CLOG??? A drain blockage, a wooden shoe . . . or a completely different kind of VLOG!
Crom now has a CLOG (Crom + Vlog) that is posted regularly on YouTube.  Check them out and/or subscribe at the link given below!


Crom writes, too.