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Crom Saunders

CROMANIA! Road Trip 2006




photo courtesy of Pam Meadows

Crom doing one of his

many characters


Crom came up with the idea for this show based on his love of books, theatre, and movies. He draws a lot from contemporary film and theatre, but also pays homage to the classics like Shakespeare and classic horror movies.

Cromania! goes on the road!
See list to right for cities and dates


Where Cromania! may be seen this summer:


Flagstaff, AZ                 Traveling July 14th

Albuquerque, NM                Traveling July 15/16- 18/19
Santa Fe, NM                      Traveling July 15/16- 18/19
Oklahoma City, OK             Traveling July 18/19- July 21/22

Tulsa, OK                            Traveling July 21/22- 24
St. Louis, MO                       Traveling July 21/22- 24
Jefferson City, MO               Traveling July 21/22- 24
Chicago, IL                       Traveling July 24-28
Little Rock, AR                   Traveling July 29/30                 
Memphis, TN                     Traveling July 29/30
Jackson, TN                        Traveling July 30/31-Aug 4
New Orleans, LA               Traveling July 30/31-Aug 4
Baton Roug, LA                Traveling Aug 4-5/6
Houston, TX                      Traveling Aug 4-5/6
Austin, TX                          Traveling Aug 5/6- 9/10
San Antonio, TX                 Traveling Aug 5/6- 9/10
Phoenix , AZ                      Traveling Aug 9/10-12
Riverside, CA                     Traveling Aug 12/13